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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Stellyn: First day of 5 Day 4's

Stell is an official 5 'dayer' this year. She has my favorite Mrs. Amos and Mrs. Matthews (who is new but she is supposed to be fantastic!) Stell asked Dad to come to her first day because he came with Aston on his first day of Kindergarten...I feel like she's SO big lately!


On her second day we got to take our annual pictures with Evie!

20130904-DSC_0198.jpg20130904-DSC_0188.jpg20130904-DSC_0187.jpg20130904-DSC_0186.jpg 20130904-DSC_0184.jpg20130904-DSC_0234.jpg 20130904-DSC_0258.jpg20130904-DSC_0259.jpg 20130904-DSC_0255.jpg 20130904-DSC_0253.jpg  20130904-DSC_0249.jpg 20130904-DSC_0245.jpg 20130904-DSC_0242.jpg

then we were lucky enough to catch Rhys on his way into his first day of the toddlers with the amazing Mrs. Staci and Mrs. Stephanie!

20130904-DSC_0209.jpg   20130904-DSC_0218.jpg

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kate's corner said...

These make my heart skip a beat. LOVE the b&w, jumping stell and mommy and daddy ones. great one too fhy's fam. These milestone pics of stell and aston are so special! well done.